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Eva Makk 
Resident Artist of the Royal Hawaiian

The Royal Hawaiian is honored to have Eva Makk paint various images of the iconic hotel and grounds. Her artwork has graced their Christmas cards annually. The Christmas ornaments are inspired by her images. Some of Eva's artwork grace the halls of the older building.

You are welcome to join Eva Makk's painting workshop every Tuesday from 5 pm to 6:30 pm on the Lurline Lanai at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Now Eva Makk's artwork is proudly shown in
Martin and MacArthur's newest gallery
in the Royal Hawaiian.

October 2017

Unveiling of Senator Daniel Akaka's
Portrait by Eva Makk

This portrait will hang in the Kidney Foundation's
soon to be built new facility in Kapolei, Hawaii.

Eva Makk next to her portrait of Senator Daniel Akaka.

Eva Makk signing Senator Daniel Akaka's portrait after the unveiling.

Eva Makk with Senator Daniel Akaka

Eva Makk, Senator Daniel Akaka, Alexandra Makk, Sylvia Makk and A.B. Makk

December 2016

Radio Interview With Matt Gilbertson on
Design Talk Hawaii!!!!

Listen to a fun chat with
Sylvia Makk and A.B. Makk
Interviewed by architect Matt Gilbertson!

Click on the link :

Setting up to share the Makk story!

Talk into the mic!

Amazing Matt Gilberson, the owner of Design Talk Hawaii radio show. Principal at MGA Architecture

Sylvia Makk, A.B. Makk and Matt Gilbertson after the one hour interview. It was a blast!

Recorded at Salem Media of Hawaii


May 2016

Remembering the Great Master
Americo Makk

Click on the short video below

February 2016

New Oil Painting by Sylvia Makk

"Sea Swirl"


January 2016

New giclee published by
A.B. Makk!!

"Amethyst Sparkle"

"Amethyst Sparkle" Limited Edition Giclee by A.B. Makk


December 2015

New giclee published by
Eva Makk!!

"Morning Surf"

"Morning Surf" by Eva Makk


November 2015

The latest published giclee
by A.B. Makk!

"Manoa Memories"

Manoa Memories by A.B. Makk

If  you have visited Hawaii or live in Hawaii, especially on Oahu, you many have hiked
the Manoa trail in Manoa Valley. This is a serene scene from such a walk. A.B. almost
always has water in his scenes as he finds it soothing.


Eva Makk's

"A Royal Ball"

Published as a limited Giclee!

The original oil painting was donated to the American Heart Association in Hawaii.
It was auctioned in the live auction during the Heart Ball, Feb, 2014


Makk Studios announces
a new limited edition giclee
by Sylvia Makk


If you enjoy my new giclee 
please contact me and I will reserve one for you!
(the oil painting is available too)

"Purple Passion"

Purple Passion 30x24 by Sylvia Makk
Small edition of 50
Opening price of only $300

Lightly enhanced with brushstrokes upon request
(Special price and offer to enhance expires October 31, 2013)


April 6, 2013

We are on

As of today, our archived video,
The Vision of Life - The Makk Family,
is LIVE on YouTube

It is precious! It is timeless!!

Grab your popcorn, get comfy and click on the link below! Enjoy!

Visit our website at


Eva and Americo Makk
Celebrated Artists in Brazil!!!

Did you know that Eva and Americo Makk were the official artists of the Brazilian government in the 1950's? They were commissioned to paint portaits and large murals for government palaces. They were commissioned to paint 14 churches and cathedrals! There is sooooo much to know about them!

Just this past year, a church in Jau (Sao Paulo) Brazil, celebrated the anniversary of their church. They also celebrated the great masters, then a young couple, who created masterpieces of enormous size on the ceiling and walls of the church.

Photos taken in the 1950's.............

Scafolding Eva and Americo Makk climbed daily in a church in Jau, Brazil.

Americo Makk working on a panel above a doorway. Scroll down and see the completed masterpiece!

Photos taken last year (2012) of the masterpieces
by Eva and Americo Makk!

Still breath-taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the murals behind the altar!

Close up of one of the wall panels.

This is the panel Americo was working on as seen in the photo previouly.

Visit again for more photos and info!

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