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View photos from past and recent events

as well as visits with collectors.

Eva Makk   A.B. Makk   Sylvia Makk

Fun at the Heart Ball!

All three donated pieces of art were a hit!!!!
We were so happy we could donate to help
raise funds for cardio research!


Eva Makk and A.B. Makk Show
at Sargent's Fine Art
Lahaina, Maui
Jan 28 th - 31st, 2016

What was very special about this show, was that Eva and her son A.B. painted on one canvas, 
making it the first in Makk history. Eva and her husband Americo Makk
painted multiple church ceilings in Brazil as well as many murals together.
Now A.B. and Eva blend their styles to create a 
lovely landscape. The finished painting will be revealed in the future.

Eva Makk working on her section of the canvas. A.B. Makk's section can be seen in the top right.
What a masterpiece this will be!!

Eva Makk paints with brush, while her son A.B. Makk paints with a palette knife.
Visitors to Sargent's Fine Art stop to watch Eva paint!
A.B. uses a palette knife to create his magic on the canvas!
Gallery owner Dick Sargent giving Eva Makk a welcome lei!
Eva Makk with gallery owner Dick Sargent


A.B. Makk and Sylvia Makk at
Wyland/Signature Galleries, Waikiki

A.B. Makk painting for the pleasure of gallery visitors.


February 21, 2015

The Makks At the Heart Ball!

Eva Makk, A.B. Makk and Sylvia Makk attended the
American Heart Association's 
Heart Ball at the Sheraton Waikiki last Saturday!

Eva Makk painted for the pleasure of the guests pre-ball
while they admired the painting she had donated to the AHA.
Enjoy the photos!

Eva Makk working on her latest painting!
Lovely view of Diamond Head from the cocktail lounge

Eva's special chair ready for her.

Gorgeous glow to the red decor in the ballroom pre-ball. (I snuck in!)

Sylvia Makk and A.B. Makk
Sylvia Makk and A.B. Makk
Mo Radke and his wife Jill, A.B. Makk and Sylvia Makk

Fun times with friends!
Don saying smile for the camera!!!

Two volunteers looking after the "Voyaging Hokulea" right before it was presented on stage!
Eva Makk and TV celebrity Dan Cooke announcing the winner!
That's all folks!!!!
It was a great event, with disco and jazz lounge too!!!


December 1, 2014

Makk Open Studio

in a $24.5 M beachfront home in Kailua.
A fun evening of puu puus and wine mixed with fine art
and superb architecture and design!

Angela (part of the Makk team), Nina, Sylvia Makk and guest.

Chatting and enjoying the evening!

Pam Campbell from the AHA, Sylvia Makk and Nadine Kim from the Star Advertiser

Sylvia Makk, Roseann from Archipelago Interiors and Aja from the AHA. Great selfie!

A.B. Makk sharing Makk stories.

Pre-party. Eva's painting glows!

Sylvia Makk's minis looked great on the great room table!

A.B. and Sylvia get in a quick pose!

A.B. Makk sharing Makk info with Bank of Hawaii executives. They may have a Makk party of their own!

Attorney Richard Turbin admiring "Fountain Plaza by Americo Makk.

A great friend  and the mother of a famous Japanese singer (Angela Aki) with Eva Makk

Sylvia Makk, Annabell Stone (friend and terrific caterer for the evening), Eva Makk and A.B. Makk. Fun times!

The evening closed with a group shot of the die-hards!


November 20, 2015

Unveiling of Eva Makk's painting
"Voyaging Hokulea"
Benefiting the American Heart Association

Bidding has begun and will continue up to the 
Heart Ball February 21st, 2015

This beautiful painting will be traveling and displayed
in select corporate board rooms up until
the Heart Ball

Enjoy the photos! It was a fun event for a super cause!

Eva Makk (with the lei) with son A.B. waiting for the moment to make the great reveal!

The reveal!!!! Gorgeous! Here Eva explains her inspiration for the painting.
Tiare from Archipelago Hawaii Interiors on the right.

Great crowd! Great food! Great wine!

Pam Campbell from AHA, Sylvia Makk, EvaMakk, Aja from AHA and Angela from our Makk team!

Special friends and supporters of the AHA. They LOVE Makk artwork!
Angela Kresmery, Eva Makk, Sylvia Makk and A.B. Makk
Captivated audience!
Relaxing and enjoying great company!
"Voyaging Hokulea" 30x40 Stunning!!!!! Someone will be very happy when they win the final bid!!!!

September 2014
Special Salon Show of Makk Artwork

Benefiting the
Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Denver, Colorado

Edie Marks introducing  Eva and A.B. Makk

A.B Makk with Salon hosts Ernie Blake and Sharon Magness Blake, with Eva Makk.. The oil painting "Joy On Wings" was specifically painted for the October 25th "Be Beautiful By Yourself Fashion Show".

John Sie, daughter Michelle Whitten, Eva Makk, Anna Sie and A.B. Makk.
Sharon Magness Blake with her prize horse Thunder, the mascot of the Denver Broncos.

An array of beautiful oils were on display.

Photos by Jim Medford Photography Denver


Open Studio Event
Featuring Sylvia Makk
June 26th and 27th

On certain days we open our doors, by appointment, to individuals interested in learning about the Makk story and viewing artwork. Last week Sylvia Makk's work was featured, highlighting the original oil she is donating to the American Heart Association's Black Tie and Blue Jeans event coming up on July 12th at the Pacific Club here in Honolulu. Here are some photos of the Open Studio. Enjoy!

Some of our Open Studio visitors! Here we are by Sylvia's "Edgy Red" oil on canvas.
Sylvia Makk with Pam Campbell from the American Heart Association 
Some of Sylvia's Mini Makks and larger vibrant paintings!
Close-up of some of the Mini Makks
"Market Fresh" by Sylvia Makk 
Originals and limited edition giclees by Sylvia Makk.
More minis. They are great as they fit anywhere on a shelf or desk. They can be hung as well!
Visitors and new fans, Roseann and Sam, with Eva Makk
Roseann, Sam and A.B. Makk by the painting "Edgy Red".
Roseann and Sam with Sylvia Makk.
And of course there was lots of food and drink to be had by all!!!! 


A Fun Evening
With New Makk Collectors!

A delicious dinner and then a private concert with Gale on her Ukulele
singing lovely Hawaiian songs! What a treat is was!
Gale's birthday gift to herself was Eva's giclee "Whispers". Her own title for this artwork is "The Swing".
Love the story that goes with it!
Gale and Arnie look on as Eva writes a special dedication on the back of the giclee!

Yay!!!!! Great to see happy collectors and friends!!!
The more one looks at Eva's painting, the more one sees. Gale just discovered something in a picnic basket!
Arnie and Gale love A.B.'s "Honolulu Reflections"!
A.B. in the process of  dedicating the back of the giclee.
A.B. Makk, Eva Makk, Gale and Arnie! Smiles all 'round! 
Arnie, Eva Makk, Sylvia Makk and Gale!


Photos of the Makk Show
at Fascination St. Fine Art Gallery
in Denver, CO
May 2014

Eva Makk at the easel painting for the enjoyment of the gallery guests and staff.

Eva often loves painting serene romantic scenes.

Eva's magnificent "Pacific Radiance" can be seen in the background.

Someone is happy with his first Eva Makk original!

A.B. Makk, Linda V. G. Kelley and Eva Makk

A.B. with new friends!

Fun was had by all!!!!

Thank you for sharing the photos Brinley!!!
Visit the Makk collection at Fscinaiton St. FIne Art at


A Visit to Fascination St. Fine Art Gallery
Cherry Hills - Denver, Colorado
(315 Detroit Street    Phone 303-324-3060)

Makk Show around the corner
on Monday, May 12th.

Photos from the let's get acquainted visit:
Eva Makk and A.B. Makk next to some of their artwork.
A.B. and Eva with the lovely staff of the gallery.
A.B. showing one of Eva's gorgeous still life oil paintings!
A.B. showing one of his oil paintings he created with palette knife. (Actually he is playing peek-a-boo!)
Thank you Brinley for the photos!!

Visit their gallery at


Americo Makk Awarded
Gold Medal from the
Hungarian Government!
December 2013

Photos by (c) LiLiKoi Photography
Dr. Laszlo Kalman, Consul General of Hungary, presents Americo Makk with the gold medal.

Americo is in awe.

A very happy and proud Americo!!! Well deserved award!
Americo with Dr. Kalman and his lovely wife Csilla.
A very happy Americo with his proud artist wife Eva Makk!

The proud family gather around the patriarch! Alexandra, Sylvia, A.B. and Eva.

Angela Kresmery and Alexandra Makk
Honorary Consul of Finland Katja Silvera with Americo and her husband Bo.
Americo and Katja
Consul General of Hungary, Dr. Laszlo Kalman and Honorary Consul of Finland, Katja Silvera

Great candid shot - The Makk Family with the Consul General.

Videographer Taltosh! (Dr. Istvan Szapudi!)

Friends who are very proud of Americo!

Michael and Cecilia - owners of Oahu Nature Tours - with friends Balazs and Robert.

Alexandra Makk, Eva Makk, Sylvia Makk and Angela Kresmery.
Photographer LiLiKoi with Americo Makk.

Friends Adrienne, architect Nicholas Ybl, Dr. Petra Lenz and Dr. Dan Hartline.

Congratulations Americo!!!!!

Photos by (c) LiLiKoi Photography


National Society of Arts and Letters
October 7, 2013
Guest Speaker: Sylvia Makk

I was invited to give a talk about my family's art and accomplishments to the members and guests of the National Society of Arts and Letters. This is usually A.B.'s (hubby) job, but he was traveling which worked out as I actually enjoyed the professional show-and-tell! :)

Society President Carolyn Berry Wilson introducing me.

We had a delicious lunch and then came my talk.

And I was up!

Here I am showing some of the highlight's of the family's accomplishments which includes being in the Oval Office presenting President Reagan with his portrait painted by my father-in-law Americo Makk.

Talking about one of my giclees called "Shimmer." The original sold to a couple in California.

After the talk.

I think I am blushing. I felt like a celebrity! :)

New friend Suzan Forbes.

Pillars of the Society including Carolyn Berry Wilson and Rianna Williams

My right hand person Angela Arvai! An angel in disguise!


HOPE BALL May 2013
Cancer League of Colorado

Eva and A.B. arrived home safely from Denver.
As the count stands right now, Makk artwork raised
$30,000 for the League this month!!
We are honored to be able to help.
Thank you for everyone's support!!!!

Linda V. Kelley, A.B. Makk, Eva Makk and Dr. Richard Kelley during cocktail hour.

Eva painted for the pleasure of ball attendees.
Someone loved this painting so much, that they bought it right then and there!
A portion of the sale will go to the Cancer League.



Pam Campbell, AHA Ball organizer, with Eva Makk next to her painting that
was auctioned during the event.

Sylvia Makk with Pam Campbell

A.B. Makk with daughter.

Eva's donated painting and next to it, a new creation she was painting during cocktail hour.

Eva working on her painting depicting outrigger paddlers.

It's amazing how she creates the splashing water!

Ball goers admiring Eva's work.

Danny Kaleikini, Hawaii's top singer and entertainer, and his wife with Eva Makk.

Shelley Wilson with hubby and Eva Makk,

Nora with Eva

Friend Bambi with Eva Makk

Pam Campbell with her lovely daughter.

Eva Makk with past Governor Ariyoshi and his wife.

Pam Campbell, Sylvia Makk, Eva Makk and A.B. Makk

The Makk Family (missing Americo Makk - he stayed at home)

Sylvia Makk donated two of her Mini Makks for the silent auction. They both found good homes!

It was a fun night! Sylvia Makk says cheers!!!

Special Unveiling and Signing 

of oil painting being donated to the AHA Heart Ball 2013

First Unveiling at a special AHA luncheon at the Sheraton Waikiki

Eva Makk stands next to her special painting donated for the live auction in the upcoming Heart Ball.
Here it is about to be unveiled.

Beautiful! You could hear the ohhs and ahhs! In the photo from left to right: Co-Chair Eric Yeaman, artist Eva Makk, Auction Chair Shelley Wilson and Co-Chair Jim Yates

Special Private Signing Event of
"Radiance of Hope"
"My painting represents a burst of light touching every cell in my body for hope, recovery and my thankfulness for having the availability for heart surgeries to save the lives of my precious family." Eva Makk, February 2013

Delicious puu puus were devoured by all. Thank you Annabelle Stone!

Art by the various Makk Family of artists were enjoyed by all.

The Heart Ball Chairs introducing the Makk Family members.

Eva Makk showing her palette before the unveiling and signing of her special painting.
A.B. Makk is on light duty!
Eva Makk signs her painting "Radiance of Hope".
It is now complete and ready for the Heart Ball Live Auction!!

If you are interested in bidding on the painting,
please contact the American Heart Association in Honolulu by February 16th.


Visit from Collectors in Oklahoma: The Hubby Surprises the Wife!

A collector is totally surprised when a special commission is unveiled!

The husband revels in the success of the surprise. Happy Anniversary!

The happy couple with artist Eva Makk, who painted the commissioned painting.

Eva Makk signs the painting with brush and oil while the collectors look on.

Americo and Eva Makk share their many accomplishments throughout their 60 years of work.

Exploring Kailua Beach on the island of Oahu.
"Much nicer than Waikiki beach!"

Fun dinner at Buzz's Steakhouse with our new friends. The Lychee Martini was wonderful!


Visit From a Friend/Art Broker

Americo Makk arriving home to a surprise from a long-time friend visiting from Vail.

Heart Ball 2012: Honolulu, Hawaii

Eva Makk paints for the pleasure of the Honolulu Heart Ball attendees.
AHA supporters admire Eva's artwork.
An embellished limited edition giclee, "Pacific Radiance" by Eva Makk was donated to the Heart Ball this year.

People enjoyed Eva's piece "Pacific Radiance" so much that they had their photos taken in front of it all evening!

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