Monday, December 20, 2010

Makk Candy

Festive Lights 20x24 by Eva Makk

A Touch Of Venice 8x10 by Sylvia Makk

Dawn Pink by A.B. Makk

Luxury 24x30 by A.B. Makk

Garden Mist 30x40 by Eva Makk

To The West by Americo Makk

Beauty In Pastels 24x30 by A.B. Makk

Baccarat 60x40 by Eva Makk

Port Lights 3x40 by Americo Makk

Floating Lilies II 8x10 by Sylvia Makk

Lilac Glow 30x24 by A.B. Makk

Sparkle 5"x7" by Eva Makk

Canale 12x9 by Americo Makk

Glitter 40x30 by Americo Makk

Daydreaming 16x19 by Eva Makk

Lush by A.B. Makk

Dreaming 24x30 by Sylvia Makk

2010 Makk Talk



Aloha to all of our friends and collectors. We are excited to announce our blog called MAKK TALK. We will be updating this blog with images of new available artwork - both originals and limited editions. Shows and news about events past, present and future will be shared as well. This year has come and gone so fast, we are still blinking! All of us have been busy creating new paintings, attending events and shows. Never a dull moment as they say. In May of this year Eva and Americo Makk took a trip to Budapest, where they were awarded gold medals by the Hungarian government for their contribution of the thirteen 6 ft x 8 ft paintings depicting various moments in Hungary's history. These are on permanent display in the Museum of Hungarian Military History on Castle Hill in Budapest, Hungary. Eva and Americo are shown in the photo above just after they were presented with the gold medals.
This year there have been many shows, exhibits and fun parties. Various members of the family have travelled to Santa Fe, NM, Breckenridge, CO, Vail, CO, Point Clear, AL, Black Mountain, NC, Charlotte, NC, Hot Springs, AK, Palm Desert, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Toronto, ON, Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA. I am sure I have missed some locations. If we have been in your city and you didn't hear from us it's because we had little time and had to keep on schedule. Do not despair. We will be by your neck of the woods again soon.
In many instances, we have had fun showing art at special Makk cocktail parties hosted by friends and collectors. It is a more intimate setting to view Makk art. So many new collectors enjoyed the one on one opportunity to visit with the artists. If you think you would like to host a similar party, be in touch. Let's talk.
That's it for now. We will be posting images of art by all four artists soon.