Monday, October 7, 2019

Eva Makk at the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki!

It's amazing to watch her paint and learn about her life and accomplishments. She is a gem!!

Collectors from Australia!

Margaret can help you with any Makk art you set your eyes on!
First time Troy had the opportunity to meet Eva Makk! He loves her work and legacy! He is ready to show you her collection in Martin and MacArthur at the Moana!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Eva Makk in Denver Donating Oil Painting to Western Fantasy, Supporting Volunteers of America

Eva Makk donates
Original Oil Painting
"In Mist"


Western Fantasy - 25th Anniversary
Volunteers of America
October 13th

"In Mist" by Eva Makk


Monday, February 12, 2018

A.B. Makk Donating to the American Heart Association Hawaii

Heart Ball 2018

A.B. Makk created a special oil painting
which he donated to the
American Heart Association
Heart Ball 2018 in Honolulu

"A Time to Live"
24" x 30"
by A.B. Makk

Artist A.B. Makk next to his painting "A Time to Live" at the AHA Preview Gala

The two palm trees represent the new lease on life A.B. was given TWICE
with the availability of valve replacement surgery! 

A.B. Makk underwent heart surgery twice in his life. The first was open heart surgery to replace his aortic valve. It was a horrendous experience for him. Fourteen years later he had to get his weakening valve replaced again. Fortunately, with the advancement of cardiac research and technology, he qualified for the minimally invasive TAVR procedure and was back to light work a few days later!!!!
Support the American Heart Association. You never know who among your family or friends will benefit from the new technology coming down the pipeline.

"Beauty of Life"
30" x 24"
by A.B. Makk

This painting was purchased by collectors of ours, Dr. Petra Lenz and Dr. Dan Hartline. They saw the struggles A.B. went through which led to both surgeries. Dr. Petra Lenz believes in research, being a researcher herself along with her husband, and has donated this beautiful painting to the Heart Ball 2018 to help fund future cardiac research.

Artist A.B. Makk with collector and AHA donor Dr. Petra Lenz.

If you would like to bid on either of these paintings, please call the AHA Honoulu office.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Eva Makk - Resident Artist of The Royal Hawaiian

Official Resident Artist of
The Royal Hawaiian Luxury Resort

 Eva Makk and son A.B. Makk were guests of the Royal Hawaiian for the 90th Anniversary Gala March 3rd. Eva Makk donated her oil "Royal Reflection" valued at $24,500 to benefit the deadly disease ALS.

Artist A.B. Makk with his artist mother Eva Makk with her donation "Royal Reflection" oil painting.

These beautiful keepsake boxes inlaid with an image on ceramic of the Royal Hawaiian are available on line at makkart

"A Day in the Life at The Royal" by Eva Makk - available on metal and canvas

"Royal Magic" by Eva Makk - available on metal and canvas

"Royal Bell Tower" by Eva Makk - available on metal and canvas

We are at the Royal Hawaiian on occasion
with a pop-up display.
Check our calendar for dates.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Makks At the Heart Ball in Hawaii

Eva, A.B. and Sylvia Makk had a great time at the Heart Ball 2017!

They were pleased to help raise funds for heart research
with their donation of three pieces of artwork!

Donated giclee Shimmer by Sylvia Makk

A.B. Makk's Oil In The Morning and Eva Makk's giclee Hibiscus Sparkle
Very special to meet Dr. Oz!

The Makks with Lori Suan, Executive Director of AHA Hawaii

The Makks with Leslie of AHA

It was a beautiful and very successful evening!!!

Let's talk about how we can help raise funds for your non-profit!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Makk Keepsake Boxes!

Makk Keepsake Boxes - A Great Gift!!

Measures  6"x8"x2.5"
Wood with ceramic inlay
Lined with soft fabric

Gold Kissed Waikiki by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Inside of box

Rounded corner

Bottom of box with label with short artist bio

Calm Sunset by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

The Challenge by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Concord Era by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Dreaming by Sylvia Makk Keepsake Box

Flavors of Hawaii by Sylvia Makk Keepsake Box

Hawaii Fragrance by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Marble Balconies by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Melted Gold by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Morning Surf by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Perfect Outing by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Poetic Symphony by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Sunrise Arrival by Americo Makk Keepsake Box
Beauty In Paradise by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Waikiki Memories by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Amethyst Sparkle by A,B, Makk Keepsake Box

Amethyst Sparkle by A.B. Makk Keepsake Box WITH INSERT - SEE BELOW

The lighter colored box with Amethyst Sparkle comes with this layout.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fun networking event surrounded by Makk artwork in Kailua Home - Oahu, Hawaii

Networking, learning,
good food, camaraderie, scavenger hunt
and beautiful artwork!

All in a 24.5M home in Kailua!

Introductions and several interesting talks
Everyone loved the Makk art on metal and the beautiful keepsake boxes.
A percentage of sales go to PACT (Parents and Children Together) 
The winner of the evening's lucky draw! She won a
mahagony box with Eva Makk's Gold Kissed Waikiki.
Sylvia and A.B. Makk standing with the evening's
hosts and organizers
The scavenger hunt winner was announced!
The scavenger hunt winner #1 as it was a tie! He loved his
"Challenge" image on metal by Eva Makk.
Such a beautiful home!
Scavenger hunt winner #2! "Challenge" image on metal
by Eva Makk for him too!
A.B. painted for the enjoyment of the guests. Here he was allowed to take a break!
The beautiful front door.....after passing
through a security gate and another gate