Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photos of a Fun Evening Holiday Makk Show December 2011

On December 28th, 2011 there was a special Makk show at Island Art Galleries in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It was extra special as all four Makk artists were in attendance along with the youngest Makk who may one day put brush to canvas! :) It was a fun evening with all four Makk artists working on one canvas, first of it's kind!
Enjoy the photos!

Holiday Makk Show at Island Art Gallery in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel Waikiki

Eva Makk adding special brush strokes to her giclee of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The proud owners of the art look on along with artist A.B. Makk

Americo Makk working on a new painting while Eva Makk pats him on the shoulder for work well done. :) All four Makk artists will work on and sign this piece. Island Art Galleries owner (in red) Jeff Liu admires the work with other onlookers.

Sylvia Makk's mini paintings grace the counter of the gallery. (In good company with the wine...)

 A collector from Japan asks Americo Makk to dedicate the back of the painting he purchased.

Alex Alexander, Sylvia Makk and Maggie Boyles enjoyed the evening,

Eva Makk's turn to work on the collective painting. Now it was Americo's turn to crack the whip!

The Makk Family with a Makk collector from Japan.

Americo Makk at work. The painting is based on the way Kapiolani Park looked like in days gone by.

A.B. keeping Sylvia company as she wasn't supposed to be walking around. Notice cast....

A.B.'s turn at the easel. Sylvia is making sure A.B. stays at the easel. :) (while A.B. was supposed to make sure Sylvia stayed on the couch.)

Eva adding her magical strokes with admirers and friends looking on. Americo is enjoying his break! :)