Monday, October 7, 2019

Eva Makk at the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki!

It's amazing to watch her paint and learn about her life and accomplishments. She is a gem!!

Collectors from Australia!

Margaret can help you with any Makk art you set your eyes on!
First time Troy had the opportunity to meet Eva Makk! He loves her work and legacy! He is ready to show you her collection in Martin and MacArthur at the Moana!

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  1. I was born on Guam and moved to Hawaii. The royal hawaiian is and was a very special place for my father during World War Two and for my husband and I that would have anniversaries there as well as son singing with Honolulu Boy Choir. I have purchased a clock and two long royal hi robes. My daughter who was born in Hawaii honeymooned there. I also bought a dining room table and chairs in Koa wood as well as other things from Mac Arthur Martin. I am very interested in royal Hawaiian art work but now love stateside and miss Kami ina Aloha spirit. Mahalo