Friday, January 18, 2013

MAKK Documentary In Progress!

We are excited!!! Among so much on our plate (or should I sat palette) we have agreed to embark on a project to digitally record the Makk story. It will take months for the final product to appear as there is still so much more to record and then edit. Credits go to Dr. Istvan Szapudi videographer and Andi (Lilikoi) Gaspar. (

Here are some "in progress" photos. More to come!

Americo, Eva and A.B. Makk being interviewed.      Photo:Lilikoi Photography

Photo:Lilikoi Photography

Americo Makk talking about his artwork.      Photo:Lilikoi Photography

Eva Makk using her palette.  Photo:Lilikoi Photography

The crew: photographer Lilikoi, videographer Istvan Szapudi, assistants Zoli and Marti. Photo: Sylvia Makk

Check back for more photos and news about the progress of the documentary.

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