Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Makks At The Hope Ball In Denver - May 2011

Eva Makk and son A.B. Makk participated in the Cancer League of Denver's Hope Ball. Eva donated a painting for the live auction. It brought in the most amount of dollars ever for a piece of art donated to the annual function. Two articles about the event can be read by clicking on the links below:



Rue Royale - Paris - Oil Painting by Eva Makk - auctioned during the Hope Ball to help support
the Cancer League of Denver

Artist Eva Makk with with Elise Marks-Gruitch and her mom, former CLC president Edie Marks. Photo by David Zulobow Special to the Denver Post

Eva Makk painting for the enjoyment of the supporters of the Cancer League of Denver before the Ball began.
Eva Makk at her easel before the festivities of the Hope Ball. From left to right, Linda V. G. Kelley,
Edie Marks and Linda Goto - Photo from The Villager
Artist A.B. Makk with former CLC president Edie Marks.

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