Saturday, November 26, 2016

Makk Keepsake Boxes!

Makk Keepsake Boxes - A Great Gift!!

Measures  6"x8"x2.5"
Wood with ceramic inlay
Lined with soft fabric

ONLY $120
plus shipping

Limited supply!
Scroll down for selection

Gold Kissed Waikiki by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Inside of box

Rounded corner

Bottom of box with label with short artist bio

Calm Sunset by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

The Challenge by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Concord Era by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Dreaming by Sylvia Makk Keepsake Box

Flavors of Hawaii by Sylvia Makk Keepsake Box

Hawaii Fragrance by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Marble Balconies by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Melted Gold by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Morning Surf by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Perfect Outing by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Poetic Symphony by Americo Makk Keepsake Box

Sunrise Arrival by Americo Makk Keepsake Box
Beauty In Paradise by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Waikiki Memories by Eva Makk Keepsake Box

Amethyst Sparkle by A,B, Makk Keepsake Box

Amethyst Sparkle by A.B. Makk Keepsake Box WITH INSERT - SEE BELOW

The lighter colored box with Amethyst Sparkle comes with this layout.

Email right away if you are interested as we have limited supplies. They have been selling quickly.


Call our Studio at 808-373-2772 and ask for SYLVIA

Visit us at to see artwork by
the Makk Family of artists


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fun networking event surrounded by Makk artwork in Kailua Home - Oahu, Hawaii

Networking, learning,
good food, camaraderie, scavenger hunt
and beautiful artwork!

All in a 24.5M home in Kailua!

Introductions and several interesting talks
Everyone loved the Makk art on metal and the beautiful keepsake boxes.
A percentage of sales go to PACT (Parents and Children Together) 
The winner of the evening's lucky draw! She won a
mahagony box with Eva Makk's Gold Kissed Waikiki.
Sylvia and A.B. Makk standing with the evening's
hosts and organizers
The scavenger hunt winner was announced!
The scavenger hunt winner #1 as it was a tie! He loved his
"Challenge" image on metal by Eva Makk.
Such a beautiful home!
Scavenger hunt winner #2! "Challenge" image on metal
by Eva Makk for him too!
A.B. painted for the enjoyment of the guests. Here he was allowed to take a break!
The beautiful front door.....after passing
through a security gate and another gate

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Limited Edition "Perfect Spot" by A.B. Makk

"Perfect Spot"
by A.B. Makk!

"Perfect Spot" by A.B. Makk

A serene spot where you can sit back and hear the water gently flowing from one pond to another. You are patiently waiting for a bite on the line. Whether or not you catch anything, it is a peaceful and stress free time. It's YOUR time.
Limited edition giclee

Now available on metal!!! Limited edition!

Original oil available

Call our studio at 808-373-2772

Friday, April 22, 2016

Lightning Power by Americo Makk Donated To Cancer League of Colorado's Hope Ball May 7, 2016

"Lightning Power"
original oil
by Americo Makk

Value: Priceless!

This dramatic oil will be in live auction at the
Hope Ball in Denver May 7th, 2016

100% donation!

For more information, contact Sylvia Makk

For more art by Americo Makk visit

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A.B. Makk Painting at Wyland-Signature Galleries Tuesday, April 19th

Mark Your Calendar!!!!

A.B. Makk at Wyland - Signature Galleries
270 Lewers Street in Waikiki
Tuesday, April 19th
6 pm - 9 pm

Come watch A.B. paint and learn about the Makk Family

A.B.'s favorite painting tool! The palette knife!

Amethyst Sparkle by A.B. Makk

Honolulu Reflections by A.B. Makk

Lagoon Beach by A.B. Makk

Contact the Wyland - Signature Galleries
at 808-924-1322 for more show information

See you at Paint Night!!!!

Visit to view more art
by A.B. Makk and the Makk Family

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Painting Lessons By Master Artists Eva Makk, A.B. Makk and Sylvia Makk

First Time In 30+ Years!!!!!!!

Seize the opportunity to learn from
the Makk Family of artists!

A.B. Makk

Eva Makk

Sylvia Makk with A.B. Makk

For more info on painting lessons: Email Us

Call us at 808-373-2772

Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Florals By Eva Makk!

Makk Studios is excited to unveil
three new florals by Eva Makk!

"Hawaii Fragrance" by Eva Makk

Hawaii Fragrance
(This can be hung both horizontally or vertically!)

"Hibiscus Sparkle" by Eva Makk

Hibiscus Sparkle
(This can be hung both horizontally or vertically!)

"Gifts of Hawaii" by Eva Makk

Gifts of Hawaii

The oil paintings are released and available for purchase

Also available as limited edition giclees!

View more Makk artwork at

Friday, March 4, 2016

Makk Show at Wyland/Signature Galleries in Waikiki

Makk Show in Waikiki with
Eva Makk, A.B. Makk and Sylvia Makk

March 4th and 5th
6 pm to 9 pm

at Wyland/Signature Galleries
270 Lewers Street

Watch Eva Makk and her son A.B. Makk
paint on one canvas! 

View exciting new art!

Enter to win a limited edition giclee!

Chat with the artists!

View Makk Art at

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Makks Donating To The American Heart Association's Heart Ball In Hawaii!

Makk Art For The Heart Ball!
Feb 27th at the Sheraton Waikiki

The Makk Family has been donating to the American Heart Association for many years to help raise funds for research to combat and conquer heart disease. Both Americo Makk and his son A.B. Makk underwent open heart surgery to save their lives. Both would have passed on over fourteen years ago had it not been for new techniques that would increase their life span, enabling them to continue to enjoy their families and to create art for our pleasure.

This year there are three great pieces of art being donated by

Eva Makk     A.B. Makk    Sylvia Makk

"Thrill" 24x20 oil by Eva Makk

"In Bloom" 16x20 oil by A.B. Makk

"Shimmer" limited edition giclee by Sylvia Makk

To place a bid or to bid by proxy, contact or call 808-377-6668

For more information on Makk artwork

or email  808-373-2772